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Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson (2016) Patricia Briggs I really do like this short story collection. Pleasingly, Patricia Briggs is good with short stories, which makes this collection all the more enjoyable. Silver Fairy Gifts (previously published in Naked City) Gray (previously published in Home Improvement: Undead Edition) Seeing Eye (previously […]

Lord of Emperors

Lord of Emperors (2000) Guy Gavriel Kay The sequel to Sailing to Sarantium. The second half of this story opens in Bassania, with the King of Kings suffering an arrow to the shoulder. Had any other patient been shown to them in this state, the physicians would all have spoken the words of formal withdrawal: […]

Tapping the Dream Tree

Tapping the Dream Tree (2002) Charles de Lint I’ve been somewhat depressed recently, and since I got an Amazon book credit, I realized I could get some of my Charles de Lint books as eBooks. WIN. Ten for the Devil Wingless Angels The Words That Remain Many Worlds Are Born Tonight The Buffalo Man Second […]


Shadowshaper (2015) Daniel José Older I think that Daniel José Older is now made it to my Must Buy list of authors. I have adored everything I’ve ready by him, and I also cannot WAIT to give this book to the teens in my life. Sierra Santiago wants to spend the summer painting, working on […]

The Lions of Al-Rassan

The Lions of Al-Rassan (1995) Guy Gavriel Kay This is fantasy, but it parallels the history of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the Middle ages. But the parallels aren’t complete, as women aren’t nearly as subjugated as they would have been in Europe at the time. Jehane is a Kindath physician, and in high […]

The Very Best of Charles de Lint

The Very Best of Charles de Lint (2010) Charles de Lint In Which We Meet Jilly Coppercorn Coyote Stories Laughter in the Leaves The Badger in the Bag And the Rafters Were Ringing Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood The Stone Drum Timeskip Freewheeling A Wish Named Arnold Into the Green The Graceless Child Winter […]

Tales from the Nightside

Tales from the Nightside (2015) Simon R. Green The Nightside. “Where all your dreams can come true, especially the really bad ones. This is a collection of Nightside stories, many of which I have read before, and a previously unpublished novella. If you’re a Nightside fan, then you’ll want this. If you’re not sure if […]

Heroes ‘Til Curfew

Heroes ‘Til Curfew (2011) Susan Bischoff This is the second book in the Talent Chronicles (and sadly, the last one available) and a follow-up to Hush Money, a YA book where children and teens with Talents are taken by the NIAC and put into special schools where they are “protected” from society (but in reality […]

Trick of the Light

Trick of the Light (2009) Rob Thurman Now, apparently, I need to re-read Rob Thurman. But as I relatively recently re-read the Cal & Niko series, I decided to go with the Trixa Iktomi series. Trixa runs a bar in Sin City, but all she really wants is revenge for her brother’s murder. Leo helps […]

Edie Ernst – USO Singer: Allied Spy

Edie Ernst – USO Singer: Allied Spy (2011) Brooke McElowney I’m not even sure anymore how I stumbled across 9 Chickweed Lane, but I did, and it amused me, so I’d read it most days. Then the Edie Ernst thread started and I was hooked. Some background: 9 Chickweed Lane is about three women: a […]