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An Island For Two (2022) 

An Island For Two (2022)

An Island For TwoDela is an elf influencer–living on the money inherited from her parents and hoping to share a bit of joy and fun with the world, which is why she wants to build an event center on the island she recently purchased.

Unfortunately, that island is already inhabited.

Dela is a romantic, which is a problem as she is also a (sex-repulsed) ace. She love to flirt and wear clothes that make her look good, but that often leads to misunderstandings, which those she is flirting with expect something more than she can give.

So she parties and surrounds herself adoring fans and wishes she wasn't as alone as her friends.

Dela was initially annoying enough I almost stopped reading, but kept reading and was surprised to find I'd finished the story.

I want to note that the cover is not bad in and of itself, it has absolutely nothing to do with either character.

Dela is a light elf, blonde and tiny and beautiful.

Oaklee is an orc.

The woman was an orc after all, a pair of lower canines poking like rings over her upper lip. Even this low to the ground, she towered over Dela. Her broad shoulders seemed to be nearly as much muscle as fat beneath the sopping green flannel that clung to her like she was a professional contact sports player, her soggy, loose curls laying over it in tangles.

The picture on the cover does not depict Oaklee and Dela.

I mention this solely because it gave me a bit of the wrong impression about the story. The feel–two women sitting at a table sharing a drink or a meal is correct, but everything else is… not.

It's a cute story, and I enjoyed it, but it is self-published, so it could definitely use some editing (mostly just tightening things up and either explaining or dropping portions that were less related to the story).

Rating: 7/10