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The Vampire Diet: Good Enough to Eat (2015)

The Vampire Diet

Good Enough to Eat (2015) Alison Grey & Jae

Good Enough to EatAfter nearly killing someone on New Year's Eve, Robin has decided to give up drinking for good.

But for a vampire, drinking is what keeps her alive, so looking for support, she ends up at an AA meeting.

Alana gave up everything for love–and then discovered her girlfriend was cheating on her. After spiraling for several years, she is now sober and has kept herself busy by becoming a lawyer. A divorce attorney to be specific.

The number eighty-two popped into her mind, and she realized she had been counting the bricks in the church's pale façade.

Although it's brushed off in the story, that is actually a vampiric trait in Slavic cultures.

So yeah, The Count is a pun on multiple levels, which delights me.

I thought the idea of a vampire going to therapy to try and stop drinking from humans to be an amusing one, but OA would have been a far better choice. Yeah, we are given reasons Robin didn't stay with OA, but they felt kinda week.

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

November 2022 | Rating: 7/10