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Adventures in Aguillon: Socially Orcward (2021)

Adventures in Aguillon

Socially Orcward (2021) Lisa Henry and Sarah Honey

Socially OrcwardDave's favorite thing is dragons.

Especially his dragons. And he is thankful that his kings gave him a tower where he could raise and keep them.

Simon Perrin doesn't know how to do much, but his willing to try.

What he does know, however, is dragons. So he becomes fast friends with Dave and ends up helping out with Dave's dragons.

Simon was a good reader-alouderer, Dave decided. His voice was clear and pleasant, and whenever the words were too big he'd take the time to stop and explain what they meant in smaller words without Dave having to ask him, which was nice.

Neither Dave nor Simon seem to want any of the things those around them want. I mean, kissing? UGH! But they do like each other.

Dave's tooth-tusks actually looked very friendly when he grinned, like ivory towers set up at either end of the wall of his smile.

But Simon has a secret–one that he is certain will ruin his friendship with Dave. But he has no choice, does he?

This is silly story but also adorable, but despite that went to a couple places I wasn't expecting (mostly near the end).

This is the third book in the series, and I haven't read the first two, and probably won't; I read this because it was an ace romance, and although it is lovely, I'm pretty sure the other books in the series have a lot of boinking, and I'm just not that interested.

But I'm glad I read this.

Cover by Steph Westerik

Rating: 7.5/10