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Gumption & Gumshoes (2013) 

Gumption & Gumshoes (2013)

Gumption & GumshoesAugust Mendez moved to the city in the hopes of following his dreams, and when he gets the opportunity he decides to try.

A sense of freedom surged through me, that euphoric realization that I was staring at a whole weekend of nothing but cheese curls and old movies, pants optional. Maybe I'd do a marathon of my favorite flicks—the classic black-and-white fifties detective stories, all the gumshoes and femmes fatales I could handle.

Sometimes being single sucked. This was not one of those times.

Not the single bit or the cheese curls, but the detective bit.

And then he develops a crush on his landlord.

But a lot of times he said things, things Sam wasn't sure he should pay attention to or if when August got nervous his brain just strung nouns and verbs together in some vain effort to make his body run out of oxygen so it'd stop.

Not that his crush is immediately obvious to Sam.

So, blah blah romance blah blah mystery, let me skip right to the important part: August is a chinchilla shifter.

Come on now, do you really need to know anything else? OK, how about: he is a chinchilla shifter who solves mysteries.

It's silly and adorable. Is it great literature? Of course not.

But it was a lovely escape.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press