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Powder Mage: The Girl of Hrusch Avenue (2013)

Powder Mage

The Girl of Hrusch Avenue (2013)

The-Girl-of-Hrusch-AvenueThis is a Powder Mage Short Story, and I'm not quite sure where I picked it up.

Vlora is an orphan, fascinated by the muskets and rifles and pistols of the gunsmiths, and is enthralled by the smell and smoke of black powder. But Vlora is living at the sufferance of the state and Amory, the headmistress of the boarding school where she is currently living.

Interestingly, aside from the odd names, this didn't feel like a fantasy initially, since it's the story of an orphan living at a time of muskets and rifles. It isn't unlike you're halfway into the story that mages appear. And even then you don't actually see any magic.

It was an interesting story, but I'm not quite convinced I'm ready to jump into a fantasy series.

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Rating: 7/10