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The Alpha and His Ace (2015) 

The Alpha and His Ace (2015)

The Alpha and His AceThis is a cute little potato chip of a story.

What it does a very good job of is explaining Ace and that different Aces have different wants and needs, and a general “don't assume".

There was also some general silliness.

"What are the ups?"

"I get to transform into a wolf." I said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "No really, the ups are improved sense of smell and hearing."

He nodded thoughtfully. "So what are the downs?"

"Improved sense of smell and hearing."

And there was minimal angst (which is good because I wanted something very light).

Aside from that?

There wasn't a lot to it, and there were some questions raised (like how did his clothes end up off his body when he transformed?) so. It was cute, it was free, and I don't really need to read it again.

There is some sexual interaction, and the main character (who is not the ace character) spends a lot of time thinking and talking about sex, so mostly it felt like a story to explain to the ace spectrum rather than something written for a someone who is ace.

Rating: 5/10