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The Kingston Cycle: Witchmark (2018)

The Kingston Cycle

Witchmark (2018)

WitchmarkSet in a world somewhat like England after WW I, but not really.

Miles Singer escaped his family and ended up in the war between Aeland and Laneer, his medical schooling put to terrible use. Now he works as a psychiatrist in a veteran's hospital, and is trying to understand the darkness consuming so many of his patients.

He confessed the days and nights of helpless fear and the battles where he learned what a man would do in the midst of war. I knew what a man would do, if it meant living through it.

But now his secrets are escaping and he may once again be trapped by his family.

Stanley used his firstborn son as a slave, a battery to enhance his storm-singing power. I had no doubt the marriage he had arranged for his son was an attempt to breed the proper talents back into the Stanley line.

I am going to have to reread this, because I ended up tearing through parts of it, wanting to know what happened.

I swung back and forth between liking Grace, and wanting to smack her.

"And you vowed on your blood not to bind me?" I sat back in my chair, wondering. "Why?"

"None of that matters as much as you," Grace said. "You're alive. I can have my brother back."

The problem I really had was not understanding the Amaranthine, and the dynamics between the different people. It wasn't necessary to the story, but it bugged me, not really understanding.

I immediately looked up the next book, then realized this is the only book that has Miles as a main character, so although I want to know what happens, I can wait a bit.

Publisher: Tordotcom

Rating: 7/10