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Human Enough (2019)

Human Enough (2019)

Human EnoughNoah Lau joined the Vampire Hunters–first as an Intelligence Analyst, but after issues with his supervisor, then as a hunter. Although people assume he joined in revenge for the murder of his parents, he really just did not want another child to have to live through what he and his sister did.

When a hunt goes terribly wrong, Noah ends up being saved by–and saving–a vampire.

The story jumps back and forth in time: the past, when Noah Jordan and Noah met, and the present.

I very much liked the jumps between the past and present. I liked knowing that Noah and Jordan were already a couple, and seeing how that came about, rather than starting with the fight gone wrong and moving to the present.

Noah always felt somewhat bad for lying about his "girlfriend" to his coworkers. It wasn't that he was afraid of people knowing he was dating a guy; he just didn't want anyone getting too interested in his dating life and finding out he was dating a vampire.

Also, Jordan is autistic, which has affected his life in multiple ways, many difficult, but some more painful than others.

(H)e'd only asked for reasonable accommodations when he'd had a desk job, like being exempted from taking phone calls and being allowed to wear earbuds while he worked.

Although it does a bit of explaining, there are some passages I especially liked.

Sometimes, Noah hated the way his brain would latch on to past negative experiences with a death grip and never let go.

I also liked the world building.

The youngest age at which it is possible to be turned into a vampire without significant risk of death is reported to be around seventeen.

There is a mystery element to the story. Interestingly, I'm not sure it would have worked as well if Noah wasn't on the spectrum, since he had great difficulty judging people as well as guessing how they might react.

Publisher: NineStar Pres

Rating: 8/10