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Lady of Devices (2011)

Lady of Devices (2011)

Lady of DevicesI really liked the idea of this story, but the execution just didn't work for me.

Claire Trevelyan is a young lady, ready to graduate from school and be presented to Society. Her mother wants her to find a husband, but Claire wants to go to University, where she can learn more about the engines that fascinate her.

Unfortunately, disaster is soon to strike, and Claire must make her own future.

I wanted to like this story, but many of the situations in which she found herself were… implausible I suppose is the kindest way to put it. Additionally, the ending is more of a chapter pause than a clean book ending, which I never like.

I ended up skimming to find out what happened, and ended being disappointed at the lack of a clean ending as well as the execution of what could have been an excellent story.

Published by Shelley Adina

Rating: 5/10