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Books: Fantasy

Daemon Eyes (2007)

Daemon Eyes (2007)

This book is a compilation of Eye of the Daemon (1996) and Eye of the Empress (1998)

I have been, quite literally, carrying this book around for months. I believe I started it when the leaves were just changing color. I had it in my bag for any times I might be waiting for more than a few moments, because I always carry a book around, just in case. However, the books I carry around fall into two categories: something I pick up, and then immediately fall into and start reading and finish quickly, or those that are interesting enough as a distraction, but don't draw me into the story enough that I have to find out what happens.

Like Perdido Street Station, Daemon Eyes falls into the second category. I eventually took it out of my bag to finish, so I could stop carrying it around. After all, as a two book compilation, it is slightly bulky.

That's not to say this is a bad book–it isn't. It just didn't draw me in and make me need to know what happened next. I was quite content to pick things up where I left off, even if it was a month between readings.

We meet Evan Davis as his life is falling apart. He is apparently suffering from mental illness, but not seems to help, and we see his life spiral out of control. This was a difficult part of the story to read, all the more so because it went on for several chapters. We don't just hear about Evan's low points, we get them in all the gory detail. Mind you, this makes his problems later more understandable, but it's tough reading initially.

After the lows, Evan finally meets his father, learns why his life had been so difficult, and then puts together a new life, as part of an investigative agency.

The book had it's strengths. Brad was probably the most fascinating character, although it is good to see Evan finally pull his life back together, and keep it together. The story is also interesting, in that I was never sure where it was going. I just wasn't compelling enough to make me keep reading the book beyond when I picked it up while waiting.

Aside from that, one of the things I particularly didn't like was the amount of sex. It wasn't bad or embarrassing, it's just not what I prefer to read.

So it wasn't a bad book, and it wasn't unreadable. It just didn't pique my interest and make me want to keep reading beyond five and ten minute snatches.

Rating: 6/10