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The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire (2012)

The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire (2012)

dark-heroine1"Hmmm…. what do I want to read next?"

(looks through books)

(picks up Dark Heroine)

"What the hell? How is it one o'clock in the morning?! Shit! I have to work tomorrow!"

So, The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire is that kind of book.

Violet Lee your typical seventeen year old, waiting at Trafalgar Square for her friend late at night, when she witnesses a massacre–and is kidnapped by those who did the mass murderers.

Kaspar Varn is a very angry young vampire. His mother was murdered, and his ambition is to destroy any who were involved in the murder.

Together, they do NOT fight crime.

So here's the thing, this book had flaws–lots of 'em. But I could NOT put the thing down.

I just could not stop reading. I just had to know what happened.

The flaws weren't horrible, I just occasionally would think, "What the HELL are you DOING Violet? … Oh. You're seventeen. Nevermind." And let it pass.

And I didn't quite get what Violet saw in Kaspar (besides, you know, being hot) but, again, seventeen.

You get no quotes, partially because I was tearing through the book to quickly, and partially because there were few passages that particularly stuck out to me.

It was a fun escape, but there is obviously a sequel, though I admit it wasn't done badly. The major arcs of the story were resolved, and you weren't especially left hanging. (I suppose you could see the ending as a cliff hanger, but there's no doubt that Violet survives, so I wasn't particularly worried.)

Published by William Morrow Paperbacks

Rating: 7/10