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London Steampunk: Kiss of Steel (2012)

London Steampunk

Kiss of Steel (2012)

kiss-of-steelHonoria is trying to hold her family together after the murder of her father. But her job doesn't pay much, and the medicines they need for her brother are very expensive, and even worse, don't seem to be working very well.

To make things worse, she is expected to pay tribute to Blade, the rogue blue blood who owns Whitechapel, the rookery where she lives.

First, here there be boinking. Second, this is an alternate history/steampunk where blue bloods (half vampires, really) rule England.

It was a fun romp and a good story that I had trouble putting down. A nice distraction from not feeling well.

And quite amusing at times, even if occasionally over-the-top:

"Are you decent"

"Rarely," he said with an ironic drawl.

"Are you clothed?"


Not great literature, but a fun distraction.

Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca

Rating: 6/10