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Lawson Vampire: The Fixer: A Lawson Vampire Novel (2011)

The Fixer: A Lawson Vampire Novel (2011)

The FIxerLawson is a Fixer. It's his job to keep vampires in line, to make sure humans never discover their existence.

Unfortunately for Lawson, Cosgrave, his greatest enemy and his biggest failure as a Fixer is in town looking to change the balance of power–while taking out Lawson.

This was… an OK book.

As an eBook, it only cost $3.99, which is good, because if I'd paid more than that I would have been seriously annoyed. As it is, $3.99 still seems a little steep, but not ridiculously expensive.

It had strengths–the story was interesting and the world building was good. But the weaknesses are enough to keep me from getting another book in the series.

At times, the story veered all over the place, and the characters didn't always act in ways I felt believable. Especially the bit where the characters can't keep their minds off sex. Hmmm… you don't fully trust someone, but you want to boink them anyway? (And I'm not really talking about Lawson here.)

So, it was an interesting story, but I think it needed some tighter editing.

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Rating: 5/10