Christopher Moore

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Bloodsucking Fiends (1995)

Bloodsucking Fiends (1995)

Bloodsucking FiendsJody is coming home from work when she's attacked. She wakes up to find herself under a dumpster and turned into a vampire. The she has to come to terms with her change, and learn how to survive.

The story was interesting but there was something about the writing that I wasn't quite sure about. I can't put my finger on it, but it distracted me just enough that I didn't like the story quite as well as I thought I should have. Probably because I didn't particularly like Jody when she was introduced. Probably because she's described as caring about clothing and her hair and how she looked. Sorry, but I really don't like women like that, so out of the gate I had a hard time caring about what happened to her.

She got better and more interesting, but not only did I have little concern for her, I found myself thinking that perhaps it might not be a bad thing if she got exposed to the sun and burned to a crisp. Not the best character reader relationship.

But it was an interesting story, and I did like Tommy. However, over all, the whole thing just kinda struck me as rather so-so. I never really got pulled into the story, and maybe it was trying a little to hard to be clever and amusing. It might have been more enjoyable if it had tried a little less hard.

Bloodsucking Fiends didn't put my off reading Christopher Moore again, but I think I'd prefer to get the next book used. Just in case.

Rating: 5/10