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Forbidden Blood: A House of Comarre Novella (2012)

Miss Bramble and the Leviathan (2010)

Miss Bramble and the Leviathan (2010)

Miss Bramble nd the LeviathanThis is more of a short story than even a novella, so I can't say it was worth the $3 purchase price.

It wasn't bad, it just wasn't awesome.

Typical steampunk romance, with female character who loves gears and cogs and thinks no one will ever love her and is of course stunningly gorgeous once she's cleaned up.

Interestingly, the father is the cad in the story, which was an interesting twist, but not enough of a twist to make it a really really good story.

Rating: 5.5/10

Forbidden Blood: A House of Comarre Novella (2012)

This is a short story prequel to an existing series. I thought it would be worth checking out to see if I'd like the series.

Maris belongs to Arnaud, a patron who doesn't particularly like her or treat her well. She has her own agenda, at the top of which is: get away from Arnaud through any means necessary.

Dominic has been helping other vampires escape the tedium of their lives, but these actions are forbidden, and when Arnaud discovers what Dominic has been doing, he blackmails Dominic into developing a potion to make him invulnerable to sunlight.

As a prequel and introduction to a series, I wasn't very impressed with the story. I didn't understand a good deal of what was going on, and–oddly enough–the feel of the story was such that I initially thought it was set several hundred years earlier, and did a triple take when airplanes were mentioned. (“Whoa… they got on WHAT?”)

It wasn't a bad story, but as an introduction to the series, I can't say it did it's job, since I spent so much time in the story befuddled, I don't care to read more.

Published by Orbit

Rating: 6/10