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Club Monstrosity (2013)

Club Monstrosity (2013)

club-monstrosityI really wanted to like this book.

The idea of it is marvelous: the monsters of the past: Dracula, the swamp thing, Dr. Frankenstein's monster–all these creatures exist, and they are in hiding and in group therapy of a sort, to get past their pasts.

The main character is Natalie, who was created by Dr. Frankenstein, and who has a terrible fear of mobs with pitchforks. She works in a morgue, where she can pass off any signs of decay as coming from her job, as opposed to her body.

And the mummy works for a cosmetics factory and has every kind of lotion and moisturizer ever invented to attempt to fight the dessication.

And the werewolf keeps losing his jobs, for stealing razors.

The ideas here are marvelous. It's just the execution I had problems with.

For example, the point of view frequently jumped from person to person not just within the same chapter, but sometimes within the same paragraph. Essentially, the story needed a strong editor, but didn't get one, so I kept finding myself annoyed not at the story, but at the story telling.

So, although this is quite obviously book one with more to come, I'll pass on the rest of the series.

Published by Pocket Star

Rating: 5/10