Steven Saylor


Anthologies: Down These Strange Streets (2011), The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction (2011)





Down These Strange Streets (2011) edited by Gardner Dozois and George R. R. Martin

If you look at the list of authors above, you’ll immediately see why I read this series. There are some of my favorite authors here–many of whom write short stories I tend to love. And surprisingly, I loved most of these stories, especially a few by authors I haven’t particularly read before.

Death by Dahlia - Charlaine Harris
The Bleeding Shadow - Joe R. Lansdale
Hungry Heart - Simon R. Green
Styx and Stones - Steven Saylor
Pain and Suffering - S.M. Stirling
It’s Still the Same Old Story - Carrie Vaughn
The Lady Is a Screamer - Conn Iggulden
Hellbender- Laurie R. King
Shadow Thieves - Glen Cook
No Mystery, No Miracle - Melinda Snodgrass
The Difference Between a Puzzle and a Mystery - M.L.N. Hanover
The Curious Affair of the Deodand - Lisa Tuttle
Lord John and the Plague of Zombies - Diana Gabaldon
Beware the Snake - John Maddox Roberts
In Red, With Pearls - Patricia Briggs
The Adakian Eagle - Bradley Denton


I actually have several of Steven Saylor’s books on my shelves, but I haven’t gotten around to reading a one of them. After reading “Styx and Stones” I’ll try and move one of those books up on my list. Gordianus is traveling to Babylon with the poet Antipater of Sidon to see the wonders of that ancient land. But the hotel where the end up is next to a haunted–something that Gordianus simply doesn’t believe.


All in all, I found this to be a fabulous anthology, and I highly recommend almost all the stories I read–even the ones I didn’t love were, for the most part, interesting.

Published by Penguin
Rating: 9/10

The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction (2011) edited by Mike Ashley

mammoth-book-hsitorical-crime-fictionIntroduction: Return to the Crime Scene by Mike Ashley
Archimedes and the Scientific Method by Tom Holt
Something to do with Diana by Steven Saylor
Eyes of the Icon by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer
Night of the Snow Wolf by Peter Tremayne
Jettisoned by Deirdre Counihan
A Fiery Death by Ian Morson
Hide and Seek by Tony Pollard
The Fourth Quadrant by Dorothy Lumley
Brodie and the Regrettable Incident by Anne Perry
Forty Morgan Silver Dollars by Maan Meyers
Trafalgar by Charles Todd
Dead of Winter by Richard A. Lupoff


Something to do with Diana is a Steven Saylor story featuring Gordianus and his mentor Zoticus. This time we hand out with some Romans, and they seem to have a better opinion of Greeks than the Greeks have f them. (See previous story.) I read and enjoyed another story about them, so I have no idea why I haven’t read one of his books before. It takes a bit before we get to the murder and the mystery, but I rather enjoy the tour, so I didn’t mind.

The Temple of Artemis is one of the world’s great storehouses of wealth–and every Roman governor spends his tenure trying to figure out some way to get his hands on it.


It was an enjoyable anthology, reminding me of several authors I need to read, as well as re-read.

Published by Robinson
Rating: 8/10