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Perdido Street Station (2000)

Anthologies: Year's Best Fantasy 3 (2003), Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Edition (2003)

Perdido Street Station (2000)

Perdido Street StationI've been reading this book since March, a page or two at a time and for awhile, I was beginning to think it was never going to end. It's not that this book isn't good--it is good--I just didn't care for it.

Isaac is a scientist--an eccentric scientist who is attached rather dubiously to New Crobuzon University, and who is one of the few humans who is willing to date a Khepri--one of the insect headed humanoids--even if it is secretly. Lin--the Khepri Isaac is dating--is an artist, who has decided to live outside the Kehpri district and integrate with larger society. Isaac receives a request from a Garuda--one of the bird people--to rebuild his wings. In Isaac's search for flight, he becomes involved with unexpected--and dangerous--matter.

The problem I had with Perdido Street Station is that it's a bunch of bad things happening, one after the other, and it got terrifically depressing.

The story is good, but it just didn't hold me. I could read a page or two, and then put the book down without any difficulty, even if really bad things were happening. I just figured I could put the book down, and when I picked it back up, the same bad things would be happening, and then some other bad things would happen.

The characters were good, but I just didn't like any of them. I found them interesting, and they acted realistically, but I didn't like them. Which made reading about them less appealing.

Additionally, there was a strong science fiction feel to the book--or at least it felt science fiction-y to me. That also dampened my enthusiasm for the book.

It's a good book, but it's not a book that I particularly liked. It's dark, but not the kind of dark that I particularly like. If you like science fiction, then this book may be more to your liking than it was mine.
Rating: 5/10




Year's Best Fantasy 3 (2003)

“Her Father’s Eyes” by Kage Baker
“Want’s Master” by Patricia Bowne
“October in the Chair” by Neil Gaiman
“Greaves, This Is Serious” by William Mingin
“Shift” by Nolo Hopkinson
“A Book, by Its Cover” by P.D. Cacek
“Somewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box” by Charles de Lint
“The Pyramid of Amirah” by James Patrick Kelly
“Our Friend Electricity” by Ron Wolfe
“Social Dreaming of the Frin” by Ursula K. LeGuin
“Five British Dinosaurs” by Michael Swanwick
“The Green Word” by Jeffery Ford
“The Comedian” by Stephan Chapman
“The Pagodas of Ciboure” by M. Shayne Bell
“From the Cradle” by Gene Wolfe
“Sam” by Donald Barr
“Persian Eyes” by Tanith Lee
“Travel Agency” by Ellen Klages
“A Fable of Savior and Reptile” by Steven Popkes
“Comrade Grandmother” by Naomi Kritzer
“Familiar” by China Mieville
“Honeydark” by Liz Williams “A Prayer for Captain La Hire” by Patrice E. Sarath
“Origin of the Species” by James Van Pelt
“Tread Softly” by Brian Stableford
“How It Ended” by Darrell Schweitzer
“Cecil Rhodes in Hell” by Michael Swanwick
“Hide and Seek” by Nicholas Royle
“Death in Love” by R. Garcia y Robertson

Published by Harper Voyager

Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Edition (2003) edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Kelly Link - Lull
Kim Newman - Egyptian Avenue
Corey Marks - A Letter of Explanation
China Miéville - Details
Eric Schaller - The Assistant to Dr. Jacob
M. Shayne Bell - The Pagodas of Ciboure
Graham Joyce - The Coventry Boy
Helga M. Novak - The Wild Hunt
Jeffrey Ford - The Green Word
Terry Dowling - Stitch
Michael Libling - Puce Boy
Zoran Zivkovic - The Violin-Maker
Bentley Little - Maya's Mother
Carlton Mellick, III - Porno in August
Brian Hodge - Nesting Instincts
Conrad Williams - The Machine
Thomas M. Disch - Hansel, A Retrospective, or, The Danger of Childhood Obesity
Melissa Hardy - Aquerò
Joel Lane - The Receivers
Nicholas Royle - Standard Gauge
Jeffrey Ford - Creation
Tracina Jackson-Adams - Seven Pairs of Iron Shoes
Karen Joy Fowler - What I Didn't See
Jackie Bartley - Reading Myth to Kindergartners
Peter Dickinson - Mermaid Song
Neil Gaiman - Pages from a Journal Found in a Shoebox Left in a Greyhound Bus Somewhere Between Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Louisville, Kentucky
Ramsey Campbell - No End of Fun
Adam Roberts - Swiftly
Christopher Fowler - The Green Man
Brian Hodge - Some Other Me
Robert Phillips - The Snow Queen
Jay Russell - Hides
Luis Alberto Urrea - Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush
Margaret Lloyd - Five Poems
Stephen Gallagher - Little Dead Girl Singing
Robin McKinley - The Pool in the Desert
Haruki Murakami - Thailand
Theodora Goss - The Rose in Twelve Petals
Kathe Koja - Road Trip
Lucy Taylor - Unspeakable
Elizabeth Hand - Inside Out: On Henry Darger
Kevin Brockmeier - The Green Children
Sharon McCartney - After the Chuck Jones Tribute on Teletoon
Neil Gaiman - Feeders and Eaters
Susan Power - Roofwalker
Don Tumasonis - The Prospect Cards
Nicholas Royle - Hide and Seek
Nan Fry - The Wolf's Story
Elizabeth Hand - The Least Trumps

Published by St. Martin's Griffin