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Anthologies: Year's Best Fantasy (2001), Year's Best Fantasy 2 (2002), Year's Best Fantasy 3 (2003)




Year's Best Fantasy (2001)

I'm a sucker for short story collections--I love short stories, and fantasy collections are my favorite, so if I come across a collection, I usually buy it. This has, of course, led to some rather poor choices, such as "The Sorcerer's Academy" and "Earth, Air, Fire, Water", neither of which I've been able to finish. But for the most part collections tend to be good, and help to give me that reading fix, at times when I just can't get involved in a novel.

I'm not certain that I'd agree with the tag at the top of the book "A dazzling treasury of stories," but it is a nice collection. Some stories I liked, other I didn't care as much for, but on the whole it is a good collection.

The Hunger of the Leaves - Joel Lane
Greedy Choke Puppy - Nalo Hapkinson
The Golem - Naomi Kritzer
The Devil Disinvests - Scott Bradfield
A Serpent in Eden - Simon Brown and Alison Tokley
Wrong Dreaming - Kain Massin
Mom and Dad at the Home Front - Sherwood Smith
The Fey - Renee Bennett
GOlden Bell, Seven, and the Marquis of Seng - Richard Parks
Making a Noise in the WOrld - Charles de Lint
Magic, Maples, and Maryanne - Robert Sheckley
The Prophecies at Newfane Asylum - Don Webb
The Window - Zoran Zivkovic
And Still She Sleeps - Greg Costikyan
The Walking Sticks - Gene Wolfe
Debt of Bones - Terry Goodkind

"Hunger of the Leaves" by Joel Lane was one story that particularly struck me--it was more horror than fantasy, but still good. Although from a biological point of view, I did take issue with the premise of the tale. I also liked "The Golem" by Naomi Kritzer, but then I've always been fond of golem tales and Jewish folklore. This story has many of the elements I like about folklore--especially the dark side of the tale.

Scott Bradfield's "The Devil Disinvests" was very short, and very good. There's something about very short stories that are well done that is perfect. "Magic, Maples, and Maryanne" by Robert Sheckley I also liked, although like many of the stories in this collection, it was set in modernish times rather than a fantasy realm (as one would be lead to believe by the cover of the book.)

I have two other collection, volumes two and three, of which I've read volume three I believe. I'm not sure that they live up to the year's best fantasy, but the stories are good.

Published by Harper Voyager

Year's Best Fantasy 2 (2002) edited by David G. Hartwell

“The Finder” by Ursula K LeGuin
“Senator Bilbo” by Andy Duncan
“Big City Littles” by Charles de Lint
“What the Tyger Told Her” by Kage Baker
“In the Shadow of Her Winds” by Ashok Banker
“The Heart of the Hill” by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Diana L. Paxson
“Queen” by Gene Wolfe
“The Black Heart” by Patrick O’ Leary
“On the Wall” by Jo Walton
“Hell is the Absence of God” by Ted Chiang
“The Man Who Stole the Moon” by Tanith Lee
“Firebird by R. Garcia Robertson
“My Case for Retributive Action” by Thomas Ligotti
“The Shadow” by Thomas M. Disch
“Stitchery” by Devon Monk
“To Others We Know Not Of” by Kate Riedel
“The Lady of the Winds” by Poul Anderson
“His Own Back Yard” by James P. Blaylock
“A Place to Begin” by Richard Parks
“Nucleon” by David D. Levine
“My Stolen Sabre” by Uncle River
“Apologue” by James Morrow

Published by Harper Voyager

Year's Best Fantasy 3 (2003)

“Her Father’s Eyes” by Kage Baker
“Want’s Master” by Patricia Bowne
“October in the Chair” by Neil Gaiman
“Greaves, This Is Serious” by William Mingin
“Shift” by Nolo Hopkinson
“A Book, by Its Cover” by P.D. Cacek
“Somewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box” by Charles de Lint
“The Pyramid of Amirah” by James Patrick Kelly
“Our Friend Electricity” by Ron Wolfe
“Social Dreaming of the Frin” by Ursula K. LeGuin
“Five British Dinosaurs” by Michael Swanwick
“The Green Word” by Jeffery Ford
“The Comedian” by Stephan Chapman
“The Pagodas of Ciboure” by M. Shayne Bell
“From the Cradle” by Gene Wolfe
“Sam” by Donald Barr
“Persian Eyes” by Tanith Lee
“Travel Agency” by Ellen Klages
“A Fable of Savior and Reptile” by Steven Popkes
“Comrade Grandmother” by Naomi Kritzer
“Familiar” by China Mieville
“Honeydark” by Liz Williams “A Prayer for Captain La Hire” by Patrice E. Sarath
“Origin of the Species” by James Van Pelt
“Tread Softly” by Brian Stableford
“How It Ended” by Darrell Schweitzer
“Cecil Rhodes in Hell” by Michael Swanwick
“Hide and Seek” by Nicholas Royle
“Death in Love” by R. Garcia y Robertson

Published by Harper Voyager