Katherine Kerr


Deverry: Daggerspell (1986), Darkspell (1987), The Bristling Wood (1989), The Dragon Revenant (1990), A Time of Exile (1991), A Time of Omens (1992), Days of Blood and Fire (1993), Days of Air and Darkness (1994)

Anthologies: Return to Avalon (1996)



Return to Avalon (1996) edited by Jennifer Roberson

To Light Such A Candle - eluki bes shahar
The Grail of Heart's Desire - Judith Tarr
Lady of Avalon - Diana L. Paxson
With God to Guard Her - Kate Elliot
Sing To Me Of Love and Shadows - Deborah Wheeler
The Wellspring - Katherine Kerr
Knives - Dave Smeds
A Refuge of Firedrakes - Susan Shwartz
The Hag - Lawrence Schimel
Salve, Regina - Melanie Rawn
Trees of Avalon - Elisabeth Waters
Sparrow - Esther Friesner
The Spell Between Worlds - Karen Haber
The Stone Mother's Curse - Dave Wolverton
Iontioren's Tale - Paul Edwin Zimmer
Winter Tales - Adrienne Martine-Barnes
Dark Lady - Jane M. Linskold
The Lily Maid of Astoloat - Laura Resnick
Guinevere's Truth - Jennifer Roberson

Published by DAW