Cassandra Clare


Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2007)

Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel (2010)

Anthologies: Teeth: Vampire Tales (2011)

Mortal Instruments


City of Bones (2007)

City of BonesI picked this up based on a review I read (I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember where it was, just one of the book sites I peruse), and decided to check it out.

Then I got the book and it languished on the shelf for several months. First because it’s a trade paperback, and I really prefer smaller books to read, and second because the cover had a bare chested (and partially headless) guy on the cover, which I didn’t particularly like. But I was in the mood for a supernatural fantasy and decided to pick it up.

And then almost put it right back down when I read that the main character was 15 (almost 16).

But I read anyway.

And I liked it! It was light and fast and fun. Some of the plot twists I saw coming, but that was okay. One plot twist was extremely obvious, but then my brother’s best friend is called Jayce.

What I particularly liked, besides the fast-paced engaging story, is that although there was plenty of sexual angst and innuendo (they were teens after all) there was no outright boinking. Although the characters weren’t deep, I appreciated that they weren’t obvious either.

All in all, it was a fun romp, kind of a lighter version of some of the paranormal floating around, only without the sex. Which was nice.
Rating: 7/10


Infernal Devices


Clockwork Angel (2010)

Clockwork AngelTessa Gray has come to London from New York after her aunt dies and her brother sends her a ticket to join him. Unfortunately, there are some unpleasant surprises for Tessa, starting with the fact that the world is not as she knows it, and this underworld is very interested in Tessa.

Jem and Will are demon hunters or a sort. They belong to a group that lives only to keep the monsters from taking over. Of course, they’re still minors, and so they aren’t full members. Not that it keeps either of them off the streets.

This is a Victorian, Steampunk, Fantasy, Romance. What’s not to love about it?

This YA has only one problem–the epilogue. Which totally opens up the next book. Bah. Aside from that–wonderful!. Although there are unanswered questions, the major story arc is complete, and we aren’t left hanging. Which is always important.

On the other hand, book two may be out, but book three isn’t, so I’m totally not reading book two until three is at least available.

And… I just realized that I started reading Cassandra Clare’s other YA series, Mortal Instruments, but somehow hadn’t gotten past the first book. I think I need to remedy that, right quick.

Published by McElderry Books
Rating: 7/10




Teeth: Vampire Tales (2011) edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

This is an Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling anthology, so as always, there are fascinating bits of folklore.

Rice, not garlic, was the most effective means of keeping Chinese vampires at bay, for they had a strange compulsion to count. Throwing rice at the ghost compelled it to stop; it would not move again until each grain was counted.

“The Perfect Dinner Party” by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black is disturbing and creepy and again looks at the downsides of never growing older. Especially if you’re a child when you were turned. This story was disturbing, but I quite liked it.

As expected, this was a very good anthology, and although I didn’t like the horror or the poetry, that’s a failing of mine, not the anthology.

Published by Harper Collins
Rating: 8/10