Janny Wurts

Books: Fantasy

Cycle of Fire: Stormwarden (1984), Keeper of the Keys (1988), Shadowfane (1988), Master of White Storm

The Wars of Light and Shadow: Curse of Mistwraith (1993), Ships of Merior (1995), Warhost of Vastmark (1995)

The Empire Series (with Raymond E. Feist): Daughter of the Empire (1987), Servant of the Empire (1990), Mistress of the Empire (1992)


Highwaymen: Robbers and Rogues (1997), Under Cover of Darkness (2007)

The Empire series I loved, although I thought that the tidying up bits in the last couple pages where everything worked out just right were a bit much, Happy endings are nice, but they frequently strike my as unrealistic. This series definitely has an oriental flavor, although there is nothing Asian about it per se, so there is certainly nothing accurate about it, it is very interesting.

Highwaymen: Robbers and Rogues (1997) edited by Jennifer Roberson

Published by DAW

Grails: Quests of the Dawn (2004) edited by Richard Gilliam and Martin H. Greenberg

Published by ROC

Under Cover of Darkness (2007) edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Jana Paniccia

Published by Daw