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Friday, October 1, 2021

The Books of September 2021

The Lights on Knockbridge LaneAs noted by my earlier posts, I’ve been having a difficult time recently. Which means I’ve been reading a lot.

Shockingly, it wasn’t all rereads, but also new-to-me books as well as new releases. (I was shocked to discover that myself.)

The third book in Roan Parrish‘s Garnet Run series came out. This is the book that got all the publicity for being the first MM romance published under the Harlequin imprint (the earlier books in the series were under the Carina Adores imprint). It was, perhaps, a little less angsty than the earlier books in the series, and weirdly, I much preferred the Carina covers to this one. It’s very very busy.

Another new release was Jennifer Ashley latest entry into her Below Stairs Mystery series. There is a (very) slowly developing mystery with the main character here–and some secondary romances, but the main focus is on the mystery.

The other new release was the latest Ellery Adams‘ Secret, Book, & Scone Society mystery. This series has tons of representation and even introduced an ace character in the previous book, who has remained around.

In the car we’ve been listening to Murderbot. Although the voice doesn’t seem quite right to me, we’re still enjoying it very much.

Death at the Crystal PalaceAnd I did have one book that I finished only because it made me so angry it ended up being a rage read. But for the most part I reread some very good books, as well as some comforting books (I highly recommend Aidan Wayne’s Loud and Clear, which is fade to black and features two characters with seemingly incompatible disabilities. (The cover totally doesn’t reflect the story.)


Hither, Page (2019) Cat Sebastian (Page & Sommers) 9/10
Death at the Crystal Palace (2021) Jennifer Ashley (A Below Stairs Mystery Book) 8/10
The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 1 (2015) 8/10; The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 2 (2015) Nicole Kimberling 8.5/10
Ink and Shadows (2021) Ellery Adams (Secret, Book, & Scone Society) 7.5/10
Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (2015/2016) Mario Giordano translated by John Brownjohn (Auntie Poldi) 7.5/10
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks (2008) Josh Lanyon 7.5/10
Homicide in Hardcover (2009) Kate Carlisle (Bibliophile Mystery)

Romance, Historical

The Turner Series, Cat Sebastian
The Lawrence Browne Affair (2017) 8/10; The Ruin of a Rake (2017) 8/10
The Remaking of Corbin WaleLilywhite Boys, KJ Charles
The Rat-Catcher’s Daughter (2019) 7.5/10; Any Old Diamonds (2019) 8.5/10; Gilded Cage (2019) 7.5/10
The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows (2020) Olivia Waite (Feminine Pursuits)
Mr. Winterbourne’s Christmas (2018) Joanna Chambers (Winterbourne) 7.5/10


Loud and Clear (2016) Aidan Wayne 9/10
Garnet Run, Roan Parrish
Better Than People (2020) 8.5/10; Best Laid Plans (2021) 8/10; The Lights on Knockbridge Lane (2021) 8/10
The Remaking of Corbin Wale (2017) Roan Parrish 8.5/10
Team Phison Forever (2019) Chace Verity (Team Phison) 7.5/10
All the Wrong Places (2016) Ann Gallagher (Bluewater Bay) 7/10
American Dreamer (2019) Adriana Herrera (Dreamers) 7/10


Discworld, Terry Pratchett
Carpe Jugulum (1998) 7/10; The Fifth Elephant (1999) 8.5/10; The Truth (2000) 8.5/10

Making LoveSupernatural Fantasy

Making Love (2017) Aidan Wayne 8/10
Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage (2016) CS Poe 9.5/10
Not Even a Mouse (2015) Dahlia Donovan 7/10
Grilled Cheese and Goblins: Adventures of a Supernatural Food Inspector (2018) Nicole Kimberling 9.5/10

Audio Books

Murderbot, Martha Wells narrated by Kevin R. Free
All Systems Red, Audio Edition (2017) 8.5/10; Artificial Condition, Audio Edition (2018) 8.5/10; Rogue Protocol, Audio Edition (2018) 8.5/10

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Book Round-Up, Spring & Summer 2021

Out of House and HomeFor somewhat obvious reasons I haven’t done a monthly round-up since March.

But as I’ve actually read some new-to-me books in recent months, I figured I might try to put together a round-up post.

And I’ve read some good stuff–even a number of new releases (though I also have some I haven’t been able to read yet, like the latest C.S. Harris.)

The romance I want to make note of is Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall. He’s a phenomenal writer, and this is the first MF story I’ve read by him. It’s lovely and does lots of unexpected things.

In mysteries I discovered Dahlia Donovan‘s Motts Cold Case series which are fun mysteries AND the main character is ace! I’m still enjoying Dianne Freeman‘s Countess of Harleigh Mysteries, which is a lovely historical cozy. And I want to note that book three of Ellery Adams‘ Secret, Book, & Scone Society introduce an ace character! Plus I started a new series, with Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala which was good, and I loved all the representation in the story.

In fantasy, I am still enjoying Drew Hayes‘ Fred the Vampire Accountant series, and Out of House and Home was a nice entry. And I discovered T. Kingfisher this year, and all of her books have been delightful. (Although I think A Wizard’s Guide To Defensive Baking is still my favorite of her books so far.)

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake
And you might want to check out some of the books I didn’t love, because my reading is off, so it might just have been a timing thing rather than a problem with any particular book.


Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake (2021) Alexis Hall (Winner Bakes All) 8/10
The Queer Principles of Kit Webb (2021) Cat Sebastian 8/10
The Labours of Lord Perry Cavendish (2021) Joanna Chambers (Winterbourne) 7.5/10
The Day Pass (2021) Slade James (Bear Camp) 7.5/10
Red Dirt Heart (2014) N.R. Walker (Red Dirt Heart) 7.5/10
A Little Light Mischief (2019) Cat Sebastian (The Turner Series) 7/10
Daydream, Colorado: Blindspot (2021) A.M. Rose 7/10; Mischief (2021) A.M. Rose 7/10
Baldwin Village : One Bed for Christmas (2018) Jackie Lau 6/10; The Ultimate Pi Day Party (2019) Jackie Lau 6/10
A Lady’s Formula for Love (2021) Elizabeth Everett (The Secret Scientists of London) 4.5/10


Arsenic and AdoboHaven Investigations: Model Citizen (2015) Lissa Kasey 8.5/10; Model Bodyguard (2016) Lissa Kasey 8.5/10;  Model Investigator (2017) Lissa Kasey 9/10; Model Exposure (2017) Lissa Kasey  9/10
Motts Cold Case Mystery: Pierced Peony (2021) Dahlia Donovan 8/10; Poisoned Primrose (2020) Dahlia Donovan 8/10
A Fiancée’s Guide to First Wives and Murder (2021) Dianne Freeman (A Countess of Harleigh Mystery) 8/10
Arsenic and Adobo (2021) Mia P. Manansala (Tita Rosie’s Kitchen) 8/10
Transient Desires (2021) Donna Leon (Commissario Brunetti) 8/10
The Book of Candlelight (2000) Ellery Adams (Secret, Book, & Scone Society) 7.5/10
An Unexpected Peril (2021) Deanna Raybourn (Veronica Speedwell) 7.5/10
Scandal at the Salty Dog (2021) Josh Lanyon (Secrets and Scrabble) 7/10
Ghost Light Killer (2021) Dahlia Donovan (London Podcast Mystery) 7/10
The Cook of the Halcyon (2019/2021) Andrea Camilleri translated by Stephen Sartarelli (Inspector Montalbano) 6/10

Paladin’s Strength (2021) T. Kingfisher (The Saint of Steel) 8.5/10
Minor Mage (2019) T. Kingfisher 8/10
Out of House and Home (2021) Drew Hayes (Fred the Vampire Accountant) 8/10
Where There’s a Kilt, There’s a Way (2021) Ella Stainton (Kilty Pleasures) 8/10


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Friday, April 2, 2021

The Books of March

Rogue ProtocolI read some books last month! Actually, the shock is that I read some newly published books last month!

What Abigail Did That Summer by (2021) Ben Aaronovitch was as delightful as I was hoping it would be. Lisa Shearin latest entry to her SPI Files series, The Solstice Countdown wasn’t as good as her previous books, but I still enjoyed it. And the more I think about Patricia Briggs‘s latest Alpha & Omega book, Wild Sign the unhappier I get about it. (It’s already dropped from a 7 to a 6.)

Dahlia Donovan‘s Cosplay Killer was good, although it suffered a bit after reading it immediately following her Grasmere Cottage series, because both have autistic main characters so it was impossible not to compared them.

Roan Parrish‘s newest book in her Garnet Run series, Best Laid Plans was lovely as expected, and continues with this series being much lower angst that one expects from her. And K.J. Charles‘s newest book,
The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting was as lovely as you’d expect, despite being an enemies-to-lovers.


The Hanged ManSupernatural Fantasy

What Abigail Did That Summer (2021) Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London) 8.5/10
Family Matters (2018) Angel Martinez (Brandywine Investigations) 9/10
The Hanged Man (2019) K. D. Edwards (The Tarot Sequence) 8.5/10
Tarot Sequence novellas & stories (2020) K. D. Edwards (The Tarot Sequence) 8/10
The Solstice Countdown (2021) Lisa Shearin (SPI Files) 7/10
Wild Sign (2021) Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega) 6/10


The Mystery of Nevermore (2016) C.S. Poe (Snow & Winter) 8.5/10
The Mystery of the Curiosities (2017) C.S. Poe (Snow & Winter 8/10
The Mystery of the Moving Image (2018) C.S. Poe (Snow & Winter) 8.5/10
The Mystery of the Bones (2019) C.S. Poe (Snow & Winter) 8.5/10
The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 2 (2015) Nicole Kimberling 8.5/10
The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 1 (2015) Nicole Kimberling 8.5/10
Grasmere Cottage Mystery (2018) Dahlia Donovan 8.5/10
Cosplay Killer (2020) Dahlia Donovan (London Podcast Mystery) 8/10
The Whispered Word (2018) Ellery Adams (Secret, Book, & Scone Society) 7/10
Death by Dumpling (2018) Vivien Chien (A Noodle Shop Mystery) 5/10

What Abigail Did That SummerMystery, Historical

A Dangerous Madness (2014) Michelle Diener (Regency London) 8.5/10
Banquet of Lies (2013) Michelle Diener (Regency London) 9.5/10
The Emperor’s Conspiracy (2012) Michelle Diener (Regency London) 8.5/10

Romance, LGBT

Waiting for the Flood (2018) Alexis Hall (Spires) 9.5/10
Best Laid Plans (2021) Roan Parrish (Garnet Run) 8.5/10
After the Scrum (2014) Dahlia Donovan 8/10
Sin Bin Series: Box Set (2020) Dahlia Donovan 8.5/10
The House in the Cerulean Sea (2020) T.J. Klune 8.5/10
Off Base (2017) Annabeth Albert (Out of Uniform) 6/10
Wheels Up (2017) Annabeth Albert (Out of Uniform) 4/10

Romance, Historical

The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting (2021) K.J. Charles 8/10
The Reluctant Widow (1946) Georgette Heyer 8/10
Friday’s Child (1944) Georgette Heyer 8/10
Just a Little Wickedness (2020) Merry Farmer (The Brotherhood) 6/10
The Lotus Palace (2013) Jeannie Lin 6/10

Digger Vol 2Science Fiction

Rogue Protocol (2018) Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries) 8.5/10

Graphic Novel

Digger, Vol. 2 (2006) Ursula Vernon 8/10
A Flight of Angels (2011) Holly Black, Louise Hawes, Todd Mitchell, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Rebecca Guay
Bloodlust & Bonnets (2019) Emily McGovern

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Books of February

Artificial ConditionIt’s March. Again. Or perhaps still, I’m not sure. Whatever it is, I read a lot of books last month.

The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells are amazing. I read the second, Artificial Condition and it was just as good as the first.

If you’re interested in reading some LGBT fantasy, but don’t want to read the boinking, then I’ve got some recommendations for you. The Last Sun by K. D. Edwards (The Tarot Sequence) is a book I’d had for awhile but hadn’t read because the cover put me off. I’m sorry I waited. Another first book in a series is White Trash Warlock by David R. Slayton (Adam Binder) which didn’t end as cleanly as I would have liked but is still recommended. And if you wondered how cupid operated in the modern age—and were in need of a fluffy romance, may I point you to Making Love by Aidan Wayne

It looks like Wonderstruck by Allie Therin is the final book in her Magic in Manhattan series, and it was satisfying.

And two straight-up romances that I really enjoyed were The Husband Gambit by L.A. Witt which is a fake husband story, that I found extremely satisfying, and Grumpy Bear by Slade James (Bear Camp) which was the second book in a series. Both books are explicit.

Fantasy, LGBT

The Last SunOpen for Business (2016) Angel Martinez (Brandywine Investigations) 8.5/10
The Last Sun (2018) K. D. Edwards (The Tarot Sequence) 8.5/10
Grilled Cheese and Goblins: Adventures of a Supernatural Food Inspector (2018) Nicole Kimberling 8.5/10
Wonderstruck (2021) Allie Therin (Magic in Manhattan) 8/10
Making Love (2017) Aidan Wayne 8/10
White Trash Warlock (2020) David R. Slayton (Adam Binder) 8/10
Heir to a Curse (2020) Lissa Kasey (Romancing a Curse) 7/10
Marked by Death (2020) Kaje Harper (Necromancer) 7/10
Powered by Ghosts (2010) Kaje Harper (Necromancer) 6/10
Bound by Memories (2020) Kaje Harper (Necromancer) 6.5/10
How to Marry a Werewolf (2018) Gail Carriger (Claw & Courtship) 7/10
Marine Biology (2010) G. L. Carriger (San Andreas Shifters) 6.5/10
Fire Water (2015) Jaye Wells (Prospero’s War)

Fantasy, Steampunk

Soulless (2009) Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate) 7.5/10
Changeless (2010) Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate) 6/10
Blameless (2010) Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate) 7/10
Heartless (2011) Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate) 4.5/10

WonderstruckRomance, LGBT

Jericho Candelario’s Gay Debut (2018) R. Cooper 9/10
The Husband Gambit (2018) L.A. Witt 8.5/10
Dine with Me (2019) Layla Reyne 8.5/10
Grumpy Bear (2021) Slade James (Bear Camp) 8/10
It Takes Two to Tumble (2017) Cat Sebastian (Seducing the Sedgwicks) 8.5/10
A Gentleman Never Keeps Score (2018) Cat Sebastian (Seducing the Sedgwicks) 8/10
Candy Hearts (2000) Erin McLellan (So Over the Holidays) 7.5/10
Fake Date Flip-Flop (2021) Hank Edwards 6.5/10
The Hideaway Inn (2020) Philip William Stover (Seasons of New Hope) 6/10
The Hockey Player’s Snow Day (2021) Jeff Adams (Hockey Hearts) 6/10
Changing Colors & Heat Wave DNF (2018) Elyse Springer (Seasons of Love Book)

Romance, Historical

These Old Shades (1926) Georgette Heyer 9/10


Mystery at the Masquerade (2021) Josh Lanyon (Secrets and Scrabble) 7.5/10
The Killings at Badger’s Drift (1987) Caroline Graham (Chief Inspector Barnaby) 7/10

Dine with MeMystery, Historical

At Bertram’s Hotel (1965) Agatha Christie (Miss Marple)

Science Fiction

Artificial Condition (2018) Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries) 8.5/10


The Weddings (2019) Alexander Chee (Inheritance collection) 7/10


An Edible History of Humanity (2009) Tom Standage 7.5/10

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Monday, February 1, 2021

The Books of January

Well, January was a month, wasn’t it?

All Systems Red
I read some good books this month, including several new releases and series that were new to me.

In the new releases, I was unsusrprised to discover that I loved the newest entry and Charlie Adhara’s Big Bad Wold Series, Cry Wolf. I love everything about this series, from the relationship between the two, to the mystery, to family interactions.

The other book I had pre-ordered ended up being a HUGE let down, because SHE ENDED IT IN A CLIFFHANGER. (RAGE) (HULK SMASH)

I discovered a new series, Dianne Freeman’s Countess of Harleigh mystery series, which is delightful AND goes out of its way to avoid Hollywood Endings. I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

Speaking of mysteries, An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten is a whole lot, and you should definitely read it. I mean, how many books about octogenarian serial killers do you know about?

I got a lot of free romances in a holiday give away and have been slowly going through them, and there were some really good ones. Those all got individual reviews, even if they were short stories, so you can peruse them below. But I want to make note of Loud and Clear by Aidan Wayne, which was incredibly good, and I highly recommend it.

A Lady's Guide to Ettiquette and Murder

And I’m once again caught up on Lady Mechanika now I’ve read Sangre and I impatiently wait news of the next volume.

OH! HUGE surprise this month: I read and LOVED a SF story. That’d be Martha Wells first Murderbot story,
All Systems Red. It is AMAZING.

Historical Mystery

A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder (2018) Dianne Freeman (A Countess of Harleigh Mystery) 7.5/10
A Lady’s Guide to Gossip and Murder (2019) Dianne Freeman (A Countess of Harleigh Mystery) 8.5/10
A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder (2020) Dianne Freeman (Countess of Harleigh Mystery) 8/10
The Shattered Tree (2016) Charles Todd (Bess Crawford) 7/10
Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders (2019) Tessa Arlen (A Woman of WWII Mystery) 7/10
Why Shoot a Butler? (1933) Georgette Heyer
The Unfinished Clue (1934) Georgette Heyer


An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good (2018) Helene Tursten translated by Marlaine Delargy 8.5/10

Lady Mechanika

LGBT Mystery

Come Unto These Yellow Sands (2017) Josh Lanyon 8.5/10

Historical Romance

A Christmas Dance (2014) Alissa Johnson 8.5/10


Grumpy Jake (2019) Melissa Blue 7/10

LGBT Romance

Loud and Clear (2016) Aidan Wayne 9/10
Getting It Right (2015) A.M. Arthur (Restoration) 8.5/10
Let Your Heart Be Light (2019) J.R. Lawrie 8.5/10
Recipe for a Curse (2021) Lissa Kasey (Romancing a Curse 8/10
Mr. Right Now (2019) Annabeth Albert 8/10
“The Uncut Wood: A Bear Camp Short” (2020) Slade James 8/10
A Midnight Clear (2020) Kaje Harper 7.5/10
Not So Cookie Cutter (2019) Aidan Wayne 7/10
So We Meet-Cute Again (2019) Geneva Vand

Cry Wolf

LGBT Fantasy

Cry Wolf (2021) Charlie Adhara (Big Bad Wolf) 8.5/10
A Beginner’s Guide to Wooing Your Mate (2015) R. Cooper (Beings in Love) 8.5/10
Little Wolf (2015) R. Cooper (Beings in Love) 7/10
The Gangster (2021) C.S. Poe (Magic & Steam)
“Incidental Magic” (2021) Jordan Castillo Price 6/10
“Daydream” (2020) A.M. Rose 6/10

Graphic Novel

Lady Mechanika Volume 6: Sangre (2020) by Joe Benitez, M.M. Chen, Brian Ching, Martin Montiel 8/10
Digger, Vol. 1 (2005) Ursula Vernon 8/10
The Tea Dragon Society (2020) K. O’Neill

Science Fiction

All Systems Red (2017) Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries) 9/10

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Monday, January 4, 2021

The Books of December

As I just did my yearly roundup, this is is going to be extra brief.

Romance, Historical

The Duke Who Didn’t (2020) Courtney Milan (Wedgeford Trials) 8/10
Everything I Ever Wanted (2003/2015) Jo Goodman (The Compass Club Series 7/10
The Deserted Heart (2018) Mary Lancaster (Unmarriageable) Categories: 7/10
Eight Tiny Flames (2018) Crista McHugh

Romance, LGBT

Tic-Tac-Mistletoe (2020) N.R. Walker 8.5/10
The Remaking of Corbin Wale (2017) Roan Parrish 8/10
Team Phison (2017) Chace Verity 7/10
Sergeant Delicious (2020) Annabeth Albert 7/10
Gay All Year (2020) Richard May 7/10
New Game, Start (2017) C.S. Poe
There Galapagos My Heart (2020) Philip William Stover (Love Beyond Boundaries)
Angels Sing (2019) Eli Easton (Daddy Dearest)
Love All Year: A Holidays Anthology (2020) Stacey Agdern, Hallie Alexander, Savannah J. Frierson, Felicia Grossman, Farah Heron, Celestine Martin, Ekaterine Xia


The Rook (2012) Daniel O’Malley (The Checquy Files) 10/10
Kitty’s Mix-Tape (2020) Carrie Vaughn 7.5/10

Fantasy, LGBT

Iron & Velvet (2013/2019) Alexis Hall (Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator 8/10
The Affair of the Mysterious Letter (2019) Alexis Hall 7.5/10
Best Laid Plaids (2020) Ella Stainton (Kilty Pleasures) 7/10


Requiem for Mr. Busybody (2020) Josh Lanyon 8/10
The Sicilian Method (2017/2020) Andrea Camilleri translated by Stephen Sartarelli

Mystery, Historical

A Pattern of Lies (2015) Charles Todd (Bess Crawford) 7.5/10
Tales: Short Stories Featuring Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford (2015) Charles Todd 7.5/10
A Pattern of Lies (2015) Charles Todd (Bess Crawford) 7.5/10
The Bone Jar (2016) Candace Robb (Owen Archer)
A Conspiracy of Wolves (2019) Candace Robb (Owen Archer) 7/10
No Wind of Blame (1939) Georgette Heyer (Inspector Hemingway)


Heathen, Volume 3 (2020) Natasha Alterici, Ashley A. Woods

Audio Books

Blood Cross, Audio Edition (2010) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock) 8.5/10

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Books of WHAT Month? (It’s March 275th)

The start of the month was all re-reads, but as the political news progressed, so did my ability to read new book.

Spells for the DeadFirst off, I read and really liked three new(ish) releases!

Spells for the Dead by Faith Hunter is her latest book in the Soulwood series, which runs parallel to the Jane Yellowrock series. The events in Jane’s series have gotten so big there haven’t been any clean conclusions to any of those books in awhile. This series, being more of a procedural, has a completed story arc, although Nell’s personal life is still a bit of a mess. Which is fine.

Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert is one I’d put off reading, since I generally dislike enemies to lovers, however, I was told it wasn’t that type of enemies to lovers story, so I picked it up, and was glad I did.

The Deadly Hours is a sequential anthology by Susanna Kearsley, Anna Lee Huber, Christine Trent, C.S. Harris. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the third story at all, but the rest of the novellas were excellent.

Valor: Swords edited by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton is a graphic novel about self-rescuing princesses. It’s folk and fairy tales retold, with LGBT & POC main characters. It’s wonderful.

Glass Tidings by Amy Jo Cousins is a holiday story and it had a bunch of elements I really liked.

Glass TidingsPlus, of course, I re-read books that I already knew I loved, because the start of the month needed all the comfort.


Fantasy, Supernatural

Tales from the Folly: A Rivers of London Short Story Collection (2020) Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London) 7/10

Spells for the Dead (2020) Faith Hunter (Soulwood) 8/10

Emerald Blaze (2020) Ilona Andrews (Hidden Legacy)


Romance, LGBT

Boyfriend Material (2020) Alexis Hall 9.5/10

And Everything Nice (2016) Ada Maria Soto 8.5/10

Joy (2017) C.S. Poe (A Lancaster Story) 8.5/10

Kneading You (2016) C.S. Poe (A Lancaster Story) 8.5/10

Conventionally YoursConventionally Yours (2020) Annabeth Albert (True Colors) 8/10

Glass Tidings (2016) Amy Jo Cousins 8/10

Three Stupid Weddings (2018) Ann Gallagher 7.5/10

A Boy and His Dragon (2013) R. Cooper (Beings in Love) 7/10

His Mossy Boy (2017) R. Cooper (Beings in Love) 7.5/10

Ben’s Bakery and the Hanukkah Miracle (2018) Penelope Peters

Gifts for the Season: Winter & Christmas MM Charity Anthology (2020)


Real Men Knit (2020) Kwana Jackson


Mystery, Historical

Secrets in the Mist (2016) Anna Lee Huber (Gothic Myths) 8/10

A Vigil of Spies (2008) Candace Robb (Owen Archer) 8/10

Valor SwordsThe Deadly Hours (2020) Susanna Kearsley, Anna Lee Huber, Christine Trent, C.S. Harris 8/10

A Pretty Deceit (2020) Anna Lee Huber (Verity Kent) 7/10


Graphic Novels

Valor: Swords (2015) edited by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton 8.5/10


Audio Books

Half-Resurrection Blues, Audio Edition (2015) Daniel José Older, narrated by Daniel José Older (Bone Street Rumba) 8/10

Skinwalker, Audio Edition (2009/2010) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock) 8/10

I still don’t feel like writing up the stats, so I’ll end here, and just ask if you’ve read anything really good in the past month.

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